Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello, 2009? Is that you calling?

Aaaaaaaat Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaast (cue Etta James here).

Here I am, standing with one toe precariously dipped into 2009 and the vast pool of technology. Social networking. The BLOGOSPHERE...or is it blogasphere? Whatever. The INTERNET. A blog. I'm a blog-ger. I'm still learning the terminology here so forgive me while I test how it rolls of the ole fingers. Seriously, I have no idea why this has taken so long other than I'm slightly afraid of technology. And I have to little kids, two businesses and my computer hard drive has crashed twice in the past two years forcing me to start from scratch. Yes, back up the hard drive, I hear you, I get it. Point is, I'm starting now and I'm excited. Behind the curve but excited none-the-less.

Annnnnd we're off....

Hello internet, my friend. I'm told that you will let me gush as much as I should so choose. Purrfect. Just what I'm looking for...due to the fact that I live in a small town and however Norman Rockwell-esq it might be, I can only blather so much to the 10 people that live here about all the lovely things in my head. Ok, so maybe there are more than 10 people that live here. But you get my point. The WORLD is now my oyster. Or would you say the INTERNET is now my oyster? Perhaps you'd say neither because I have texture issues with oysters.

See that phone above? It is a photograph. I took it. I don't know how to photoshop it so bear with me. I mean to post professional photographs - by real photographers. But sometimes one isn't available so you have to take what I've got.

Next up is a sneak peak of Alice and Taylor's June wedding at Becker Vineyards. I just got my hands on the photographs so I'll be posting them soon.