Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pioneer Museum Showcase - Hill Country Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Last Thursday The Pioneer Museum here in Fredericksburg opened it's gates to showcase it's newly renovated grounds. It's a charming place for an outdoor wedding, particularly if you have more than 200 people...the number that maxes out a lot of venues around here. Vendors from around the area set up tables in a huge tent to showcase their wares. Except us...

My friend Michelle over at Sprout joined forces with me to have a "booth" that would stand apart...and stand apart we did - a whole 400 yards apart since we weren't with the other vendors. Instead of doing a typical booth we did a vignette of sorts. More of an inspiration board come to life complete with a killer 1955 turquoise Chevy step-side pickup and farm table full of goodies.

We had been working on a wedding that we were hoping would take kind of a 1950's retro-vintage look to it. The wedding headed in another direction but we were still in that frame of mind and pulled together some fun red and turquoise pieces - cherry print paper cones filled with popcorn displayed in an antique milk basket, a panel made of vintage tart molds, red daliahs, carmel apples, stainless canisters, turquoise enamelware filled with white hydrangeas, and even the red phone. The entire setup really did have "fun" written all over it.

What you can't see is all the huge red tissue paper pom poms hanging in the trees above the table and the truck, it really brought it all together....even though the wind was so strong they "hung" horizontally all day! Ahhh, the best laid plans...


  1. Oh! I love this, and your blog! And the blue truck!! :) :) Love it all!

  2. This event is so lovely that I featured it on my blog today!

  3. Great job. It's so fun and full of color and life.

    - The Tablescaper